Monday, June 15, 2009

We have a friend in labor are prayers are with her.

We have a family friend that is pregnant and has been going through infertility for years. The first time she did in-vetro it didn't work. The second time she did it which was last year she was pregnant and lost the baby at 5 months. This year she tried in-vetro again and got pregnant with triplets and her baby shower was this past Sunday but unfortunately she was not there for it because she was in the hospital. On this past Saturday her water broke and she is only 6 months pregnant. One baby is 1lb 2 oz and the other 2 are under 1lb. We heard from them on Saturday and then again last night and the hospital was trying to stop the contractions but they think she is going to have the babies today. We are all praying for her. She wants a baby so bad and has gone through so much and I hope she gets her dream. I pray that the babies and herself are going to be okay. I hope all of you will pray for her and those little babies. Thanks

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  1. How scary! I will be sure to pray for her and the babies. That is just too soon and she has had too much heartache.
    I find it funny that we infertiles can dread a pregnancy unless it is someone like us who has also experience problems and then we all jump in with our support. I know with me, its because I feel like I no their pain and I figure if at least if I can't be a mother, I hope someone else who has struggled to get pregnant can at least be able to enjoy motherhood. I hope things go well for her and the doctors can do everything they need to do with a clear head to save those lives!