Monday, June 15, 2009

Not sure if I am going to use a new user name

I am not sure if I am going to use a new user name. I might make a new blog and only accept my blogging friends . I might want to keep my information between people who know what I am going through and understand my issues. I am thinking about it and I will let you know when I figure out what I will be doing.


  1. I would defiantly go private, if you are worried for safety reasons. If you do, please email me an invite! sourbonk[at]yahoo[dot]com.
    Also I wouldn't use your last name and maybe not even first names, although you could do something with initials. Hope you can work things out. It sucks that people can be mean and force us to use such precautions.

  2. I had to change my blog link and name cause I used my whole name (duh) and it was to easy to find the "real me" once our kids came home I felt uneasy with an online ego with my real info so I changed it, just never know who can stumble upon it

  3. I just use a nickname and I use initials for talking about my kids. I have both blogging friends and a few people who actually know me, viewing my blog. I rarely put my own pic on my blog.

    I guess it depends on how much you want to share in your blog and who your intended audience is. Mine is to show prospect parents through foster care adoption how life evolves through and after the process, but I also use it to keep family up to date with what is going on.

    I know plenty of adoption bloggers who do a private blog through invite only, which works well for them...if you do that, send me an invite or whatever!

  4. Thank you for all of your comments. This blog was meant as an out source to get others feed back and follow journey's and share mine with other blogging buddies I make. This blog is tending to be a bit personal from people in my life that I didn't intend to see this. I can't go into to much detail now but when I can I promise you will know as soon as I get stuff to hit the ground but between work I have not had the oppotunity to do so. When I do I promise I will keep you informed.