Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Today was a ruff day. It is my dad's or would have been my dad's 50th Birthday. I miss my dad so much and today was just a ruff day. I just wanted to tell my dad I was thinking of him. Nothing really going on with adoption. Things have remained the same no call yet. Don't have much to do. I have done everything I can think of to spread the word. I guess I just have to wait. My problem is I am a go getter and a fighter. I never give up and I feel a bit defeated and I might feel a little more defeated today b/c I am more sensitive because today is my dad's birthday. Sorry I am a little down but I promise next time I will turn this around on a better day.


  1. That is totally understandable that you feel down. You'll probably never stop missing your dad or wishing he were there. I'm sure you have many happy memories of him and today has been a time to reflect on them.

    I hope things start to look up as far as the adoption stuff goes. Keep advocating and letting everyone know that you are searching! If you need any help in passing out pass-along cards or getting the word out let me know.

  2. Thanks for your feed back that was very heart warming.