Thursday, March 5, 2009

Trying to spread the word

I have been trying to pass the word that we are looking to adopt. We were trying figure out what avenues to go down. One by my agency was to blog another is to put flyer's or business card up at colleges. Well I made flyer's and posted them all over the colleges to spread the word. I am not going to lie it was hard to figure out how to make a fly er to let people know that we care and want more than anything in the world to adopt a child but also not make is like we are adopting a puppy. I want people who saw the fly er to know that we were a serious couple. Besides the college I also posted it at the hospitals usually by the cafeteria there is a board. I posted it also in a few high volume supermarkets. But I only did this on one side of town which took me a few hours so this weekend I am going to try to post it in town on the other side of town. All I can say is I am trying to do the best that I can to spread the word. It is hard to just sit back and wait. I also got some what of good news from my agency. They told me that had there first mom of the year walk in last Friday and that she showed her our profile and that she liked it but she did want to choose someone that already had a child. So yes we were not chosen (bummer) but it made me feel some much hope and excitement that at least a birth mom saw us. It gives me this happy hope that we will be chosen soon too. You just have to keep the faith. Well I will tell you what happens or where I went after this weekend. Thanks for visiting.

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